Client Testimonials

I selected Jeff Goldman as my attorney...

After several weeks of thorough research and many consultations, I selected Jeff Goldman as my attorney for my discrimination lawsuit. Without a doubt, I believe that my selection of Jeff was pivotal to my win. From day one, Jeff was able to identify the most effective approach to guarantee the highest probability win. While I don't have a background in law, I did discover through my research that employment law is can be very complex and complicated. The correct strategy can make all the difference in the end. Two of my former colleagues selected a different attorney who chose a different strategy, an attorney whom I also met with for a consultation. Their verdict was not positive. The lawsuit took two years and throughout these two years, Jeff and his team worked incredibly hard to keep my case going a steady pace, regularly updating me, meeting with me to discuss strategy, and finally prepping me for the trial. I would strongly recommend Jeff Goldman to any client.

- Chris

A great ally in the employment law field...

Jeff is an excellent professional and a great ally in the employment law field. His support was fundamental for me in my recent exit process from a large corporation and my upcoming reinsertion to the workforce. I amply recommend his firm and services.

- Ricardo Brunstein

Over and above professional...

Jeffrey was so professional and really took the time to explain every step in process. He proved to be extremely knowledgable about the area of law pertaining to our case and we couldn't have felt better represented. We felt heard and understood throughout entire process. I would absolutely recommend Jeffrey E. Goldman to represent my friends and family if they should require representation.

- Catherine

Fighting for people...

Do you know how getting out of soul crushing debt that locked me into a career I hated meant to me? Now I don't have to sling steaks, I work in film and television with creative people, I love my career and career prospects and wake up happy and go to bed happy. So thank you, and don't lose sight of the fact that you fight for people that can't fight for themselves.

- Tom

Successful completion of a complicated legal matter...

I was involved in a long arduous legal battle where I hired one set of attorneys who worked on the case for several years and that set of attorneys split ways before the matter was completed. Then the original attorney hired another attorney to work with her on the case. Both of whom had to work on the case with the work that had been done by the first attorney. I was not getting anywhere with case so I decided to switch attorneys again and hire Jeffrey Goldman. Jeff took on the case with an energetic zeal. He took the case in a much more aggressive direction and filed a meticulous and well thought out counter-complaint against the other parties thus ending years of litigation quite rapidly and successfully. His knowledge of the law and ability to apply it to my case was far more extensive than the other attorneys that had been involved in the case. He successfully out maneuvered the opposing council from the outset and I can highly recommend his services.

- Brad

An attorney that is not afraid of a challenge...

Jeffrey Goldman represented a group of us in a class action suit that became one of the longest arbitrations. It went on for years. He was encouraging, steadfast, kind and compassionate. Never once did he waiver in his conviction to represent us. He held our hands thru often tedious testimony. If I ever needed an attorney again in NYC, I wouldn't hesitate in hiring Mr. Goldman again. Knowledgable, trustworthy, diligent and ethical!

- Madlyn

Jeffrey Goldman is the opposite of the stereotype...

Jeff Goldman is the opposite of what many people believe most attorney's to be. He's trustworthy and he's not out for himself. He actually cares and is passionate about ethics and the law. I never felt that I couldn't call him to ask him anything about our case. My calls were met with sincere listening, interest and, if he couldn't answer my question on the spot, he would get back to me swiftly and succinctly. He was never condescending or short with time. If there were something similar in the medical field to a doctor who is a general practitioner, I wish Jeff could be that.

I would recommend him to any friend or family member, and I am grateful he was my lawyer.

- Colleen

This is the lawyer you want to work with!

I have co-counseled with Jeff on a number of employment rights cases, ranging from class and collective actions for minimum wages and overtime, to ERISA benefit claims. He is a brilliant attorney who thinks outside the box. He has impressed me repeatedly with his ability to supplement arguments in a legal case with other legitimate, but less utilized, ways to strengthen and bolster his clients' claims. It is no surprise that has recovered seven-figure outcomes for his individual and group clients. Not only that, he's highly respected in the legal community, and a pleasure to work with.

- Alice

Trust and competence...

I met Mr. Goldman while I was having a wage dispute with a former employer. He took my case and worked tirelessly on it until we recouped all our losses and changed policy in the company so future employees would not be taken advantage of like I and my co-workers had. Jeff Goldman made a huge difference in my life, kept me in the loop during the whole process, was trustworthy and honest, and got us our money back. Could not be happier with my relationship with Jeff, and rest assured, if anyone needs a lawyer, Mr. Goldman is the first person I recommend them to.

- Tom

Thank you again...

Hi Jeff! I don't know if you will remember me, you helped me out almost a year ago. I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you and your associates again for all of your help. I remember at the time you told me not to spend the rest of my summer watching talk shows :) I didn't, I'm just entering my fourth semester at CUNY (will finish at Hunter College) and am on my third semester of making Dean's list. (Fall also marks my first Business Law class, I'm trying to figure out if Law or Communications is where my place lies.) I could not have gone back to school without your help. I'm at a much better company now, making the same amount of money, and working for an awesome VP. I hope that you are well and staying out of this driving rain today.

- Shelly

Years of hard, hard work...

I want to thank you for years of hard, hard work. Congratulations to you and your staff and yeah for the whole team. And with the change in the tipping policy, yeah for future employees.

- Bill

Thank you very much...

Thank you very much for all of your hard work and professionalism. You are very personable. You are great!!!!! Thank you again.

- Lynn