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Gender discrimination and the pay gap: How you can fight back

Working in a paternalistic environment that not only encourages males to succeed but compensates them more than their female peers isn't just frustrating - it's illegal.

Unfortunately, gender discrimination is not a thing of the past. Gender discrimination is happening everyday throughout the country, not just on an episode of Mad Men.

Case in point: Woman fights for equal compensation at prestigious firm and faces loss of her job

A recent article in the New York Times discussed the issue, sharing the story of a partner in a prominent law firm out of Washington D.C. The woman was allegedly a top earner at the firm, reportedly bringing in over $5 million in revenue. Yet her compensation did not reflect these earnings. Based on an arbitrary distribution of points that translate into compensation, she was placed in the bottom one-third of pay received by fellow partners.

When she pushed back about her compensation rate and requested an adjustment, she was told her high level of revenue was a "fluke." She was recently informed that her position with the firm was being eliminated. In response, she filed a suit against the firm in federal court.

The lawsuit claims that she and other female partners within the group received less compensation than male partners, regardless of the fact that the female partners were bringing in more revenue.

Reality check: Remedies available for victims

Those who find themselves in similar situations should know that they have options. Laws are available to help protect them not only from discrimination, but from retaliation if an employer retaliates after being accused of discrimination.

Remedies are also available and can include a return to your original position if your position was terminated. Contact an experienced employment law attorney to discuss your options and better ensure your rights and remedies are protected.

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