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Discrimination against minorities in the tech industry

People of color who want to work in the tech industry in New York and around the country may face a lot of discrimination. Many tech industry insiders admit that there is a lack of diversity in the industry, and minorities are often discriminated against in recruiting efforts and interviews. Data supports claims of racial discrimination, as major tech companies have very low percentages of nonwhite employees.

Leadership positions at Yahoo, Facebook and Apple are just 1, 2 and 3 percent African American, respectively. At Twitter and Pinterest, there are no African Americans in leadership positions. Women also hold comparatively low percentages of leadership positions in the tech industry compared to men. In 2015, women filled only 11 percent of the leadership positions in Silicon Valley.

Some minorities who have applied for jobs in the tech industry say that they have been told that they are not the right cultural fit. Others say that when they do get hired they are told that they were only hired so that the company could project an image of diversity. A minority who is hired to fill a leadership position in the tech industry often faces backlash from coworkers for hiring other minorities.

If a recruiter or interviewer makes it clear that they are not hiring an applicant because of the applicant's race, the employer may be sued for racial discrimination. An attorney may be able to help a job applicant to file an employment discrimination claim that is based on discriminatory hiring practices. Though these kinds of claims can be difficult to prove if they are based on just one interview, an attorney may be able to find other applicants who can verify that they experienced the same kind of treatment.

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