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Age discrimination in the hiring process

Looking for a new job in New York is not always a fun process. While people are out of work, they may become more worried about how they will pay their bills with each passing day. When employment discrimination issues are added to the process, a job search can become even more stressful.

It is common for older job seekers to face age discrimination at interviews. Employers may discriminate against older job applicants even if they have more training and experience than younger job applicants. Some of the false assumptions that employers make about older workers are that they have less energy, less excitement and less interest in developing new skills. Employers also wrongly assume that older workers won't stay as long as their younger counterparts because they are about to retire.

In reality, it can be just as difficult for employers to retain younger workers as older ones. One study found that 58 percent of millennials believe that they will leave their current jobs within the next three years. The CEO of AARP said that employers should remember that older workers are often more loyal and focused at work than younger workers. With more years of experience behind them, older workers may also have valuable mentoring and coaching skills that can benefit an organization.

If an employer makes it clear that it is choosing not to hire a job applicant because of the job applicant's age, the employer may be sued for employment discrimination. Employment discrimination laws protect job seekers and workers who are at or over the age of 40. An attorney may be able to help a job seeker who has been discriminated against because of their age to file an employment discrimination lawsuit.

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