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Dealing with wage disparity in the workplace

New York employees expect to get paid fairly for their work, especially if they have been employed by a particular company for several years. However, there are cases when employees discover that newer hires earn significantly more than they do. These cases can be difficult for human resource departments to address, especially if there are legal issues involved.

There are often legitimate reasons for a wage disparity between two workers. For example, a new hire may be coming in with additional education and experience that may justify a higher pay. However, if a new hire is earning more than an established employee without a legitimate reason, HR managers may need to analyze the two positions and determine if the wage disparity is fair. For example, HR managers may take into account the employee's attitude, their work performance over the years and whether or not the two positions are exactly the same.

In some cases, a disparity may be caused by market value. For example, the seasoned employee may have been hired when the market demand for the specific skills the employee had were lower. If this is the case, however, it may be in the company's best interest to correct the pay.

Although many employers do everything they can to pay their employees a fair wage, others fail to compensate their workers properly. If an employer fails or refuses to pay for work that they completed, an attorney may assist with their wage and hour claims. For example, if the employer refuses to pay for overtime or cannot pay the prevailing wage, the attorney may seek compensation on behalf of the employee. In many cases, the attorney may attempt to negotiate with the employer out of court so that the case can be settled faster.

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