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Blacks and Latinos still face hiring discrimination

Many New York residents believe that those who work hard enough can improve their circumstances. However, studies have consistently shown that blacks and Latinos have to work harder to get the same opportunities to get ahead due to a discrimination in hiring practices. Further, the studies show that discrimination in hiring processes based on race is not declining.

A meta-study, which analyzed multiple studies from a variety of research institutions, found that hiring discrimination against blacks has not changed in 25 years. Hiring discrimination against Latinos has only slightly improved. These results were consistent among 28 different studies that dated back to 1989. It was found that, on average, whites received 36 percent more callbacks than blacks and 24 percent more callbacks than Latinos. As such, the researchers involved in the meta-study concluded that, despite claims that discrimination has gone down, the levels of discrimination actually remained unchanged at least when it came to hiring employees.

The results of the study suggest that a potential employee's race can have an impact on whether or not he or she is hired. Because blacks and Latinos receive fewer callbacks on average, they have fewer choices when it comes to finding a job that has appropriate and benefits. Further, employers who are willing to discriminate during the hiring process may also be willing to discriminate when it comes to compensation offers.

Discrimination based on an employee's race is illegal. Even so, some employers or other coworkers may still discriminate against some employees simply due to the color of their skin. Those who find that they are receiving unfair compensation or have their hours cut due to racial discrimination may have legal options. An employment law attorney may assist with gathering the evidence that provides proof that the employer is discriminating against the employee and file a lawsuit to seek appropriate compensation.

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