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How a disability may impact a worker's career

The Center for Talent Innovation conducted a survey that shed some light on the realities that disabled workers face on the job in New York and around the country. One of their key findings was that 30 percent of full-time white collar workers with a college degree have a disability. Of those workers, 62 percent have what are referred to as invisible disabilities that cannot be easily spotted by others.

Of those with invisible disabilities partaking in the study, 44 percent said that they experienced negative bias at work. This means that they may be thought of as lacking skills or not fast enough to keep up. However, the bias may result in workers who don't ask for help and who stall out in their careers. Only 21 percent of those with disabilities mentioned them to their human resources departments.

Those who have disabilities may be less likely to share ideas with managers or otherwise work to their full potential. Not developing workers to their potential could cost an employer money while limiting the opportunities that an employee may have for career advancement. Millennials made up 33 percent of respondents who said that they had disabilities, which was higher than the disability rates among workers from Generation-X and baby boomers.

Those who face discrimination at work may have a harder time moving up at work or keeping their jobs at all. If a person is terminated, denied a promotion or demoted because of a disability, an employer may have engaged in an illegal activity. Plaintiffs may use work records, direct evidence or indirect evidence such as witness statements to show that disability discrimination may have taken place.

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