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Tips for dealing with workplace harassment

When harassment occurs in New York workplaces, the incidents can create an environment where certain employees no longer feel safe or productive. Even though the vast majority of all workplace harassment incidents are never formally reported, there are things workers and employers can do to start dealing with incidents in an effective manner.

First, employees should determine what resources are available. Some larger companies may have an Equal Employment Opportunity officer onsite or a way to make a complaint. Employees should also write down any incidents of harassment that they experience as they happen. Keeping records could be useful for backing up the allegations. Workers who experience workplace harassment should also report the incident to the employer immediately.

If other employees witnessed harassment in the workplace, the victims should ask them to support them when they report it if it safe to do so. If the employer is not trustworthy, employees can consider filing the allegations with the EEOC. There are time limits, so this action should be taken quickly. Finally, employees dealing with harassment at work may seek support from friends and family members while dealing with the incident.

When workplace harassment is pervasive, employees who are the targets may become fearful, causing their performance to suffer. In some cases, they may even feel the need to quit to avoid the harassment, especially if the employer refuses to take appropriate action. In other cases, the employer may even fire an employee for reporting incidents of workplace harassment. An employment law attorney may assist with holding the employer responsible for failing to take appropriate action when harassment is reported. If the employee was terminated, for example, the attorney may assist with seeking compensation for lost income caused by the wrongful termination.

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