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4 tips for victims of wage theft

When you put in endless hours, along with blood, sweat and tears, you expect to receive the compensation you are due. Furthermore, you expect your employer to deal with you honestly. But, that does not always happen. Not all employers look out for their staff. In fact, some of them actually steal from their employees.

If you have been a victim of wage theft in New York, keep in mind that you have options and rights. The last thing you should do is stand idly by while your boss makes even more money off of your work or anyone else's. Find out what you should do if your employer is stealing from you.

Request detailed documentation

If you receive reimbursements or commissions, or if you just have questions about how your employer calculates your pay, ask for detailed documentation. Your employer should provide you with a detailed account of how he or she calculates these payments. If your boss refuses to give you such documentation, make a note of it or keep a copy of the response if it is in writing.

Keep track of everything

Start keeping track of the hours you work, the pay you should receive based on your employment contract and every other aspect of money you receive as payment from your boss. Also, keep notes and documentation on any conversations or correspondence you have with your employer, supervisor or the payroll department about any inconsistencies.

Meet with HR

If the company you work for has a Human Resources (HR) department, schedule a meeting to discuss the pay discrepancies. It is best to do this when you have your documentation ready to back up your claim. You can schedule a confidential meeting to go over the issues and perhaps work toward a resolution of the problem.

Look for a new job

If there is no viable avenue to solve the problem, such as a lack of an HR department, it might be time to start job hunting. If you cannot trust your boss to pay you according to your employment contract, you will need to find a new employer. This does not mean you should let the issue go. On the contrary, continue to pursue legal recourse, but start searching for new job prospects as well.

If your employer has been stealing your wages, it is important that you take action as soon as possible. If you can work out a resolution within the company, consider taking legal steps to remedy the situation and get the money you earned.

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