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4 areas restaurateurs must focus on for a non-hostile workplace

The restaurant industry has a vast demographic. You can find people from all walks of life working in restaurants. The owners and management of these establishments must ensure that they are taking steps to protect their employees from issues that range from discrimination to wage theft.

It is up to the restaurant owners to ensure that they are within compliance of all applicable laws. Restaurateurs should do what they can to keep employees safe and to provide a workplace that isn't hostile. Here are some points that all employees can look for when they are working in this industry.

#1: Free from harassment and discrimination

No employees should have to deal with discrimination or harassment. This includes employees, supervisors, vendors and customers. The restaurateur should ensure that there is a clear zero tolerance policy in place. The process for filing complaints should also be provided to all employees.

#2: Clear and lawful wage and hour policies

Restaurants have people on different types of pay structures. Tipped and non-tipped hourly employees will have different pay policies. Salaried individuals will also have some that differ from the others. Putting these pay policies in writing lets employees know what to expect. If anything is amiss, they can take action. This might be necessary among tipped employees who are concerned about how tip sharing is handled at their place of employment.

#3: Safe work environment for everyone

There are many hazards in restaurant work. Some come with the nature of the job, including the heat of the grill that can lead to burns. Slipping on wet floors is another hazard. Some workers might be subjected to physical attacks from unhappy customers. All of these can lead to employees suffering injuries. Providing safety gear and having rules in place that meet Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines will help to provide employees with a safe work area.

#4: Proper training is imperative

Another hazard for workers is the high turnover in the industry. New workers usually can't handle the same load as those who have experience. They might not know the safety standards that must be followed. Some may even think that their discriminatory or harassing jokes are funny and not realize that they are illegal. It is important to train employees from their first day on the job

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