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How to combat bullying at work

Those who have bullied at work have several options for how they want to handle the situation. In some cases, a New York worker may choose to just ignore the situation and hope that a harasser stops his or her behavior. However, if ignoring the situation doesn't work, it is important to know how to take action. As a general rule, someone who feels unsafe at work will want to discuss the situation with the employer.

This could be done by speaking with a manager or the head of the HR department assuming that these aren't the parties engaging in the abuse. If talking to someone within the company doesn't work, it may be possible to make a compliant with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). They will accept the case if it relates to something like age discrimination or harassment based on race, gender or sincerely held religious beliefs.

Victims of harassment at work should be sure to document everything that happens to them. For example, if a victim sends a letter to an abuser, a copy of that letter and the response should be kept in a safe place. Documentation could also come in handy if a person is terminated after making a complaint or is otherwise retaliated against by an employer.

There are many ways in which race or gender discrimination can take place at work. For instance, an employee could be harassed because he wears a dress or because she is dating a woman. Those who believe that they are victims of bullying on the job may wish to contact an attorney. He or she may review the case and provide insight as to how a victim may preserve his or her rights as well as how to proceed with legal action.

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