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July 2018 Archives

You have a right to miss work for a family member's funeral

Most employers do not like chronically absent or tardy employees. In fact, many companies have specific policies in place that penalize people who repeatedly call into work or show up after starting time. After a set number of offenses, people could end up suspended or even fired from their jobs.

Gatekeepers blamed for sexual harassment in media industry

A recent survey conducted by the Center for Talent Innovation identified the entertainment and media industry as a sexual harassment hot spot. The center's telephone survey of 3,213 college-educated employees revealed that 41 percent of women employed in media or entertainment jobs reported experiences of sexual harassment. The CTI co-president said that people's careers in this industry depend largely on the favor of gatekeepers who control access to influence, visibility and higher pay. The results of the CTI survey could be of interest to many workers in New York, which is home to several media companies.

Sex discrimination case produces $20.8 million for nurses

Registered nurses and midwives employed by the City of New York have won their sex discrimination case that began with a complaint from the New York State Nurses Association 10 years ago. City-employed nurses had been denied access to full retirement benefits at the age of 50 if they had worked for 25 years because their positions were not classified as physically taxing. Other city workers in male-dominated positions, like plumbers, exterminators or emergency medical technicians, had long enjoyed access to their pensions at age 50 because their jobs had the physically taxing label. Nurses generally had to work until 55 or 57 to earn full retirement benefits.

Uber facing questions regarding workplace policies

Many people in New York use Uber or similar services to get to work or school. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is under investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for gender discrimination related to its hiring practices and pay policies. Uber says that it has taken steps to make sure that everyone is treated equally.

Senior official at EEOC calls age discrimination 'open secret'

Economic news in New York might boast of low unemployment, but older workers continue to face challenges in the workplace or while job hunting. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act officially protects workers over age 40 from unfair treatment, but age discrimination remains a leading cause of complaints filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. A senior adviser at the organization referred to age discrimination as an "open secret."

Pregnant employees still facing workplace discrimination

While many New York residents may believe that pregnancy in the workplace is no longer an issue for many expecting workers, pregnancy discrimination still often occurs in workplaces across the nation. In fact, some of the largest companies and corporations systematically discriminate against pregnant employees by refusing pay increases, passing them over for promotions or even terminating them.

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