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August 2018 Archives

Uber settles gender and race discrimination case for $10 million

People in New York who need a ride might appreciate Uber, but hundreds of female and minority employees of the company disliked their lower pay. A class-action lawsuit filed in October 2017 against the ridesharing company has resulted in a $10 million settlement that will be divided among hundreds of employees and former employees.

Common workplace issues facing restaurant workers

Working in a restaurant can expose you to many hazards. Employers have a duty to provide you with a safe workplace, but this doesn't mean that there aren't going to be some dangers. When dangers are present, the employer must take reasonable steps to ensure that you are going to remain safe and to warn you of the potential issue.

Filtered ads give rise to employment discrimination claims

The Communications Workers of America has filed suit on behalf of several plaintiffs against Facebook, T-Mobile and a number of other large companies. The suit alleges that the defendant companies have engaged in prohibited employment discrimination by targeting employment ads at young workers. The final ruling of the case could have a major impact on age discrimination in New York.

Steps employees can take to address gender bias

When women in New York experience gender-based inequality in the workplace, it may come in subtle forms. For example, men may interrupt women but not men. They may tend to make eye contact only with men in a mixed group or ignore women's achievements while lauding those of men. There are several steps people can take to address these actions when they happen at work.

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