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December 2018 Archives

Male Disney Cruise employee alleges workplace discrimination

While women are far more likely to suffer sexual harassment and workplace discrimination on the job in New York, men can also be victimized at work. A former labor analyst at Disney Cruise Line has filed a lawsuit against the company, saying that his female manager bullied him about his age, engaged in inappropriate and unwanted conversations about her sex life with other employees and refused to promote him. The man says that he faced both sex and age discrimination on the job, a situation that may be statistically uncommon but can be equally damaging on an individual level.

Equal pay for equal work is protected by the law

For many New York residents, equal pay and equal compensation for work are important issues. The freedom that employees have to work in an environment free of discrimination is backed by a number of federal laws. These laws are enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission of the United States.

Mothers face discrimination in the medical field

In a study published in 2017 in JAMA, roughly one-third of physicians who are mothers say that they face discrimination at work. This is despite the fact that being a doctor is one of the most prestigious jobs that New York and other workers can hold. The research looked at 947 responses to a survey posted in a Facebook group in 2016. Among the issues that the participants cited included a lack of support while pregnant and less pay compared to their colleagues.

How to collect past due wages from an employer

When a person puts forth effort for a job and the employer refuses to pay, the employee is left with some unpleasant emotions as well as some unpaid bills. Fortunately, there are federal and state laws available to protect a New York employee from an employer who fails or refuses to pay.

Report says racism present at Tesla

A report published by the New York Times examined the dynamics at a Tesla factory and found evidence of racism in the workplace. The newspaper spoke with more than 24 former and current black employees of the carmaker, who said they had experienced racist taunts, seen swastikas drawn in company bathrooms, been forced to perform degrading tasks and been denied promotions.

Facebook under fire for alleged discrimination

A former employee of Facebook has made statements claiming that the social media giant failed to stop discriminatory behavior against black users and employees. People who use Facebook in New York might be interested in the details of the situation, which raises employment discrimination issues. The former employee publicly posted an internal Facebook memo he had written, calling out the company for removing posts by black people who were speaking out against racism.

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