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Male Disney Cruise employee alleges workplace discrimination

While women are far more likely to suffer sexual harassment and workplace discrimination on the job in New York, men can also be victimized at work. A former labor analyst at Disney Cruise Line has filed a lawsuit against the company, saying that his female manager bullied him about his age, engaged in inappropriate and unwanted conversations about her sex life with other employees and refused to promote him. The man says that he faced both sex and age discrimination on the job, a situation that may be statistically uncommon but can be equally damaging on an individual level.

According to the workplace discrimination lawsuit, the manager called the man names like a "stuffy old fart" and discriminated against him by moving him to a windowless office, refusing to provide him with workplace technology and denying him promotions despite him having a higher level of seniority and experience than people who were promoted. The lawsuit does not specify the ages of the employee and manager except to note that the employee is older than 40 and the manager younger than 40. Age discrimination laws apply only to workers 40 and older.

Workplace legal experts noted that it is uncommon for women managers to be accused of creating a hostile working environment on the basis of sex against male juniors. The vast majority of sex discrimination and harassment cases are pursued by women who have been harassed by men. However, men have frequently suffered workplace harassment for being gay or transgender, and a number of cases involve male-male sexual harassment.

Everyone has the right to be free of harassment and discrimination at their workplace. Workers who have faced unwanted sexual advances or age, race or gender discrimination may wish to consult with an employment law attorney about how they can protect their rights and seek justice.

Sun Herald, "Male Disney Cruise worker claims harassment by female boss", Michael Schneider, Associated Press, 12/27/2018

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