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Report says racism present at Tesla

A report published by the New York Times examined the dynamics at a Tesla factory and found evidence of racism in the workplace. The newspaper spoke with more than 24 former and current black employees of the carmaker, who said they had experienced racist taunts, seen swastikas drawn in company bathrooms, been forced to perform degrading tasks and been denied promotions.

In 2017, three former employees of Tesla filed a civil case alleging that they had been subjected to slurs and racist drawings made by both supervisors and coworkers. One of the plaintiffs said that he complained to supervisors about the behavior but that the company failed to take disciplinary action. The founder and CEO of the company, Elon Musk, was privy to shenanigans among his employees on no less than two different occasions, but responded by saying that if a person is a jerk to someone else and later apologizes, it's important to accept the apology and be thick-skinned.

Tesla said in a statement that it immediately addresses issues when it is notified that one of its employees is not living up to company standards. The carmaker said in a statement that it opposes unfair treatment, harassment and discrimination in all forms and that it endeavors to prevent bad conduct and provide a work environment that is respectful.

Employees in New York who believe they have experienced discrimination, wrongful termination or workplace harassment might want to meet with an attorney. An attorney who practices employment law might be able to help by conducting witness interviews, gathering documentary evidence or otherwise preparing a case for trial. An attorney might help the client evaluate his or her options or negotiate a settlement with the employer. If the case cannot be settled, the lawyer might draft and file a complaint for damages in civil court.

Source: The Root, "Report: Tesla Takes Racism in the Workplace to Another Level," Jay Connor, 12/02/2018

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