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Salary disparity in the tech field continues.

Many women in New York have first-hand experience in a gender-based pay gap. Previous data shows the gap in some job sectors or industries can be larger than in others. The tech field has often shown to be larger than other industries. A recent study from a large employment agency shows that the pay disparity has improved slightly in some respects other areas continue to fall behind.

The study consisted of a survey of more than 2,500 female employees in the tech field. Participants were from all over the US. When compared to white males in the industry the pay of women was still at least 3 percent lower. In the larger tech cities such as New York, Boston and Los Angeles, the gap is wider. All of these cities showed female salary figures of at least 8 percent less than male counterparts.

When gender was coupled with ethnicity or sexual preference, the wage difference seems to increase. For example, African American women in the tech field earn 11 percent less than males. Hispanic and LGBTQ workers both earn at least 8 percent less on average.

Not all of the survey results were discouraging. Of the women responding to the survey, a smaller percentage felt discrimination in terms of pay scale. However, the number of women felt discriminated against is still well over 50 percent. Some companies have acknowledged pay discrimination may exist and are taking steps to rectify the problem. Others state they are making a conscious effort to interview more females for positions.

Failing to pay comparable wages solely due to gender is a form of employment discrimination and can be an actionable claim against an employer. If the claim is successful, recovery of lost wages and other damages may be possible. For victims of gender discrimination, a consultation with an experienced employment attorney might be helpful.

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