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May 2019 Archives

Age discrimination holds back older workers

Older adults in New York report that they have a difficult time seeking employment or pursuing promotions. While younger workers may be doubtful about the prevalence of age discrimination in the workplace, older people more frequently report that they face unfair treatment or penalties due to their age. Overall, around 50% of Americans said in one study that they believe age discrimination continues to pose a problem on the job. While only 43% of those under 45 agreed with this statement, 60% of those 60 and over said it was true.

Sexual harassment in the law profession

Sexual harassment occurs in every type of profession and workplace in New York and elsewhere. As such, it should not be surprising that sexual harassment also occurs in the legal profession. However, a survey found that sexual harassment in the legal profession is particularly prevalent for both lawyers and other workers.

EEOC complaint accuses Amazon of religious discrimination

Worker advocacy groups in New York and around the country have often accused Amazon of treating its warehouse and distribution workers harshly and forcing them to meet strict productivity requirements, but the Seattle-based retailer has rarely faced allegations of racial, sexual or religious discrimination. That changed on May 8 when a complaint was filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission that claims Amazon treats black Muslim workers from Somalia and East Africa unfairly.

The EEOC can help with genetic information cases

Workers in New York and throughout the country can file discrimination claims based on the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will investigate claims based on Title II of that act. However, not many people understand that they can contact the EEOC about a genetic information discrimination concern. In 2018, it received only 220 such complaints, which was .3 percent of all claims that it received that year.

The practice of mandatory arbitration

Many employers in New York and around the country require their workers to sign contracts that include what are known as mandatory arbitration clauses. These provisions deny employees who are involved in disputes over issues such as discrimination or harassment the opportunity to argue their cases in court. Instead, they compel them to resolve their grievances before an independent third party and behind closed doors.

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