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September 2019 Archives

Federal overtime salary threshold to rise to $35,568

Managerial and administrative workers who earn more than a certain amount are not generally entitled to overtime pay. Employers in New York City with 11 or more workers must pay overtime to all workers who earn less than $58,500 per year. This figure will also apply to employers with 10 or fewer workers in 2020. The overtime threshold is far less generous in other parts of the country where federal rules apply.

Employees deserve their just compensation in New York

Many employers in New York are ethical and want to compensate their employees what they are due. Others try to dip into the pay of their workers to pad their own pockets. If you work in this state, you should keep a close eye on your pay so that you can find out if you are being paid appropriately.

UPS settles pregnancy discrimination case with EEOC out of court

The United Parcel Service, Inc. has reached a conciliation agreement with the New York district office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to make workers who experienced pregnancy discrimination financially whole. The district office's director praised the global delivery company for resolving the problem outside of court. The settlement calls for $2.25 million in payments to employees who incurred losses due to pregnancy discrimination from 2012 to 2014. The agreement calculates payments based on the difference between short-term disability pay collected by workers and what they would have earned on the job.

Remedying discrimination against government employees

When federal employees in New York face discrimination in the workplace, they may turn to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to pursue a complaint about the mistreatment. The EEOC is a federal agency that deals with issues related to employment discrimination. It has the power to issue orders providing relief to victims of discrimination in both the federal government and private corporations. There are several types of remedies that the EEOC can order for a government worker found to be subjected to disparate treatment discrimination on the job.

The EEOC's record on discrimination

Federal law prohibits discrimination in New York workplaces based on characteristics like sex, race, national origin, disability and religion. The federal agency that oversees and enforces these laws is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, better known as the EEOC. In recent years, some individuals and organizations have begun to question the effectiveness of the EEOC in protecting the rights of workers.

Selective enforcement may be discrimination

Workers in New York and around the country typically strive to follow an employer's rules about workplace conduct. When an employee fails to follow the rules, employers are allowed to appropriately discipline the worker. However, there are circumstances in which a worker who is a member of a protected class may be able to take action against an employer for selectively enforcing rules in a way that could be discriminatory.

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