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Employees deserve their just compensation in New York

Many employers in New York are ethical and want to compensate their employees what they are due. Others try to dip into the pay of their workers to pad their own pockets. If you work in this state, you should keep a close eye on your pay so that you can find out if you are being paid appropriately.

The state has some straightforward pay requirements for most workers. Others are a bit more complex. For example, fast food workers who maintain their own uniform have particular guidelines for compensation based on the number of hours worked and the geographical location. You should find out exactly what laws apply to your situation.

Workers must make at least minimum wage

At the end of 2018, the minimum wage for the state became $11.10 per hour for most of the state. New York City is a bit higher. It went up to $13.50 per hour or $15 per hour. The lower amount is for employers who have 10 or fewer employees, and the larger amount is for businesses who have more than that. Workers in Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk counties have a minimum wage of $12. These wages only cover the first 40 hours of work a person does per week. Anything over that time is compensable at 1.5 times the standard hourly rate.

Not all deductions are legal

It isn't uncommon for employees to take deductions out of paychecks, but there are some limits to what they can do. Some of the illegal deductions include fines, breakage charges, cash shortages, business losses, check replacement charges and anything that isn't listed in Section 193 of the state's labor law. They can take money out of your check for insurance premiums, taxes and pay advances.

Addressing problems

If you notice that something is amiss with your paycheck, your first course of action might be going to the employer to determine if they will correct the problem. You can take legal action if they don't. File a claim with the New York State Department of Labor.

Retaliation is forbidden

You don't have to worry about retaliation if you do this because employers are banned from taking adverse employment actions is an employee files a factual complaint. This protection is for many types of reporting, including making claims related to discrimination or harassment. Employees in this state should never have to worry about employers skimming their pay, but there are protections available when this situation does occur.

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