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December 2019 Archives

CBS accused of gender discrimination and retaliation

In a lawsuit filed in New York on Dec. 17, a CBS associate producer who once worked on the long-running news program "60 Minutes" accuses the broadcaster of gender discrimination and retaliation. The woman claims that one of the show's producers sent her a lewd and inappropriate photograph. When she filed a complaint with the network's human resources department, she says she was stripped of her work responsibilities.

Airline sued over pregnancy and breastfeeding discrimination

Changes made to the Fair Labor Standards Act in 2010 require most employers in New York and around the country to make reasonable accommodations for breastfeeding mothers, and the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits them from treating workers unfairly because they are pregnant. A lawsuit filed on Dec. 10 by a group of Frontier Airlines flight attendants and pilots accuses the Colorado-based carrier of violating these laws. The women allege that they were forced to take unpaid leave long before their babies were due and reprimanded for pumping milk.

Riot Games will pay $10 million to settle discrimination claim

Employers in New York and around the country may pay a steep price for discriminating against workers who are members of a protected class or allowing work environment to become toxic. The California-based video game publisher Riot Games was sued in November 2018 by two female workers who accused the company of treating women unfairly and turning a blind eye to harassment. Riot Games announced in August that it had settled the lawsuit, and several media outlets reported details of the settlement on Dec. 2.

Why older Americans need more protection at work

Making a derogatory comment to an employee who is 40 or older could be considered age discrimination. This is because they are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Generally speaking, older employees are at a higher risk of being terminated, demoted or otherwise treated poorly at work because of their age. This is partially because companies may not believe that they can continue to learn and grow as technology evolves.

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