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January 2020 Archives

Restaurant owner settles in sexual harassment cases

The owner of the New York restaurant The Spotted Pig has settled with several former employees who accused him of sexual harassment. The total of the settlement was $240,000, and the 11 employees will receive amounts ranging from $10,000 to $50,000. He is also required to share 20% of the restaurant's profits with them over the next decade and will step back from running the restaurant although he will not give up ownership.

Promotion offers women scant protection against sexual harassment

The results of a recent study suggest that women in New York and around the country who are employed as managers or supervisors may be even more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace than female employees with less authority. The study, which was based on surveys of workers in Japan, Sweden and the United States, was released by researchers from the University of Stockholm's Institute for Social Research. The findings were published online on Dec. 27 by the scientific journal Daedalus.

McDonald's executives allege race discrimination at company

In New York and across the nation, employment discrimination can come in many forms and occur in a variety of workplaces. These can be large corporate structures or small businesses. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for victims to understand what steps to take to recover compensation for what was lost. This is true even if the complaints are against a massive, international company like McDonald's.

Same job duties not always necessary to show pay discrimination

A basic example of pay discrimination in New York presents two co-workers in similar positions with substantially different salaries. When the person with the lower salary falls within a protected class, this could be a discriminatory pay practice. The wage discrimination experienced by some people, however, might not fit into such a clear cut scenario. A ruling by a federal appeals court has established the standards for possibly proving pay discrimination based on something other than substantially similar work duties.

Gender pay gap in movies is real

New York residents may have heard about wage inequality between men and women in Hollywood. One of the most prominent examples of the wage gap was the difference in Michelle Williams' and Mark Wahlberg's pay for the film they did together, 'All the Money in the World." According to reports, Wahlberg was paid eight times more than Williams for regular filming and 1,500 times more than Williams for reshoots.

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