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Gender pay gap in movies is real

New York residents may have heard about wage inequality between men and women in Hollywood. One of the most prominent examples of the wage gap was the difference in Michelle Williams' and Mark Wahlberg's pay for the film they did together, 'All the Money in the World." According to reports, Wahlberg was paid eight times more than Williams for regular filming and 1,500 times more than Williams for reshoots.

It can be difficult to analyze the gender pay gap in Hollywood because there are so many variables at play. If an actor is an Oscar winner or a proven box office draw, then it may be reasonable for him to be paid more than an actress who doesn't have these qualities. Another factor that might play a role in the Hollywood pay gap is that leading ladies may be more likely to take roles in lower-budget indie films rather than high-paying blockbusters.

Even when controlling for factors like actor quality and film genre, researchers have found that the gender pay gap in Hollywood is real, and it is worse than the gender pay gap in the general population. According to researchers, actresses earn 45 percent less than actors, and only 29 percent of this difference can be explained by things like actor quality and film characteristics. In the general population, women earn an average of 20 percent less than men.

Subtle forms of gender discrimination can be difficult to analyze by looking at raw data. For example, qualified female workers may be passed over for promotions that could raise their salaries. When gender discrimination becomes noticeable at a workplace, there may be enough evidence to put together a wage and hour dispute. An attorney may be able to look into a woman's case to determine whether she was a victim of unfair work practices.

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