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McDonald's executives allege race discrimination at company

In New York and across the nation, employment discrimination can come in many forms and occur in a variety of workplaces. These can be large corporate structures or small businesses. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for victims to understand what steps to take to recover compensation for what was lost. This is true even if the complaints are against a massive, international company like McDonald's.

A lawsuit alleges that the company racially discriminated and committed other employment violations against two black executives. The former chief executive is accused of fomenting the culture. The two people who filed the claim are senior executives in Texas. They assert that black executives were purged after the new chief executive and the executive in charge of U.S. business took charge in 2015.

The filing was made in Illinois where McDonald's is headquartered. It says that 30 black officers were dismissed and 5 were demoted. Under the new management, there was a reduction of black officers to 7 from the original 42. The lawsuit says that white officers were not treated the same. The discrimination started when the new management team came into power. The complaint says there was a noticeable reduction of about one-third in black franchisees and that some were treated unfairly.

The litigants are female. They say they were retaliated against after complaining about the issues. McDonald's disputes the allegations and says there was an overall decrease in officer-level jobs. The women seek compensation for lost income after their demotion and damages.

It is unfortunate that people are still confronted with discrimination in the workplace. When this happens, those who were impacted should know their rights to seek compensation in a lawsuit. A law firm experienced in employment discrimination may help with a claim.

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