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Age discrimination affects everyone, not just older workers

Older workers in New York may particularly fear layoffs or avoid job changes due to their concerns about age discrimination in hiring and employment. Many report that they face greater difficulty when looking for a new job and are less likely to be hired, despite having extensive experience and a willingness to learn. According to the AARP, age discrimination doesn't only harm older workers, but injures the American economy as a whole. A study by the group estimated that up to $850 million could be taken out of the economy due to age discrimination against older workers.

In 2018, people over 50 contributed at least 40% of the overall GDP in the country, which included fueling 88.6 million jobs and $8.3 trillion in economic contributions, exceeding their 35% of the population. As growing numbers of people age on the job, that number is expected to reach $28.2 trillion by 2050. However, the AARP says that the already-high number is far less than it could be, because older workers are often blocked from fulfilling their full potential due to underemployment or involuntary retirement related to age discrimination. Further, studies noted that despite trends showing a growing, healthy economy, workers are not receiving regular pay raises.

Older workers may be less likely to push for higher wages, because they fear dismissal. They may be seen as less competitive than younger employees doing the same work. Of course, this means that older workers have less to spend, hindering economic growth.

Age discrimination against workers who are 40 or older is generally illegal, but many continue to face unfair prejudices. Older workers who have suffered due to workplace discrimination may consult with an employment law attorney about how they can take action.

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