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July 2016 Archives

Labor Dept. finds Senate cafeteria workers underpaid by over $1M

There's no question that the restaurant industry is one of the most challenging sectors in which to earn a living here in the U.S. That's because employees are not only among the lowest paid in the our nation's economy, but also because their employers routinely skim or pool tips, or otherwise engage in illegal tactics designed to deprive them of their hard-earned wages.

Is my employer misclassifying me as an independent contractor?

The vast majority of people make a living as full-time employees working eight hours per day, five days per week from the same location. However, it cannot be ignored that a significant and growing cross-section of workers -- including many young adults -- are now earning their money as independent contractors, working non-standard hours from all manner of locations.

How well do you understand New York's minimum wage increase?

History was made this past April when Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill putting New York on the path toward a $15 per hour minimum wage, a move that served to brand the Empire State one of the best places in the nation for those looking to earn a living.

Four potential signs of employment discrimination

Workers who are subjected to a hostile work environment are often fully aware that discrimination is taking place. When racial slurs, disparaging comments about age and other obvious discriminatory acts permeate a workplace, recognizing the underlying discrimination is fairly easy for most people. However, not every employer who engages in unlawful discrimination makes a public parade of his or her biases.

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