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January 2017 Archives

Employee wins financial award in OSHA case

New York residents may have heard about an Amtrak worker who won $892,551 after being wrongfully terminated by Amtrak. The order was handed down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. In 2010, the man provided information to the company's Dispute Resolution Office related to safety concerns that he had regarding a contractor's work. The following month, he received his first-ever poor performance review.

Dated rules could lead to timekeeping program abuse by employers

Employees in New York who use electronic systems for timekeeping might not give tracking software much thought after clocking in and out. However, a recent study found that workers may need to keep a close eye on their hours to ensure correct payments. The When Timekeeping Software Undermines Compliance study was published by the Yale Journal of Law and cites work from researchers associated with the University of Oregon School of Law and Georgia State University.

5 things to know about nanny cams in New York

If you are a New York City nanny, you may have concerns over being surreptitiously videotaped by your employer. You may wonder whether it is legal and what your rights are in the matter. Below are five important points to know and understand regarding the use of nanny cams on the job.

Lesser known forms of workplace discrimination

Employees in New York face discrimination at work for many different reasons. Race, sexual orientation and religious discrimination often come to mind first when people think of workplace discrimination. However, there are other forms that are lesser known but still very common. People who are discriminated against in the workplace for any reason may lose out on job opportunities and fair pay, and they may also face workplace harassment.

DOJ finalizes anti-discrimination employment law

New York residents may be interested to hear about a rule aimed at enforcing provisions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. These provisions prohibit employers from rejecting valid evidence that a worker is allowed to seek employment in the United States. It also prohibits covered employers from requesting different or additional documents than those already required.

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