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Considerations When One Is Offered a Settlement with an NDA

Many women in New York have little choice but to sign a non-disclosure agreement when they settle discrimination or harassment lawsuits. Whether people decide to sign an NDA is based on their own particular facts, but they should be aware of certain facts and considerations before they decide to sign.

Workplace discrimination claims are relatively common

A study by Glassdoor conducted in 2019 found that roughly 75% of companies surveyed said that they had a diverse workforce. Data from Glassdoor indicated that there was a greater push by companies to hire individuals to take part in their diversity and inclusion teams. Those who apply for these jobs and get hired to perform them typically have experience relating to hiring or managing workers.

Age discrimination affects everyone, not just older workers

Older workers in New York may particularly fear layoffs or avoid job changes due to their concerns about age discrimination in hiring and employment. Many report that they face greater difficulty when looking for a new job and are less likely to be hired, despite having extensive experience and a willingness to learn. According to the AARP, age discrimination doesn't only harm older workers, but injures the American economy as a whole. A study by the group estimated that up to $850 million could be taken out of the economy due to age discrimination against older workers.

Discrimination in the workplace was still prevalent in 2019

Although preventing discrimination in the workplace is garnering significant attention, claims alleging legal violations are still prevalent in New York and across the nation. Agencies like the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission track these charges and file claims for victims to be compensated. The latest data lists the most common reasons for which claims were filed in 2019.

Promotion offers women scant protection against sexual harassment

The results of a recent study suggest that women in New York and around the country who are employed as managers or supervisors may be even more likely to experience sexual harassment in the workplace than female employees with less authority. The study, which was based on surveys of workers in Japan, Sweden and the United States, was released by researchers from the University of Stockholm's Institute for Social Research. The findings were published online on Dec. 27 by the scientific journal Daedalus.

McDonald's executives allege race discrimination at company

In New York and across the nation, employment discrimination can come in many forms and occur in a variety of workplaces. These can be large corporate structures or small businesses. Regardless of the circumstances, it is important for victims to understand what steps to take to recover compensation for what was lost. This is true even if the complaints are against a massive, international company like McDonald's.

CBS accused of gender discrimination and retaliation

In a lawsuit filed in New York on Dec. 17, a CBS associate producer who once worked on the long-running news program "60 Minutes" accuses the broadcaster of gender discrimination and retaliation. The woman claims that one of the show's producers sent her a lewd and inappropriate photograph. When she filed a complaint with the network's human resources department, she says she was stripped of her work responsibilities.

Airline sued over pregnancy and breastfeeding discrimination

Changes made to the Fair Labor Standards Act in 2010 require most employers in New York and around the country to make reasonable accommodations for breastfeeding mothers, and the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act prohibits them from treating workers unfairly because they are pregnant. A lawsuit filed on Dec. 10 by a group of Frontier Airlines flight attendants and pilots accuses the Colorado-based carrier of violating these laws. The women allege that they were forced to take unpaid leave long before their babies were due and reprimanded for pumping milk.

Why older Americans need more protection at work

Making a derogatory comment to an employee who is 40 or older could be considered age discrimination. This is because they are protected by the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Generally speaking, older employees are at a higher risk of being terminated, demoted or otherwise treated poorly at work because of their age. This is partially because companies may not believe that they can continue to learn and grow as technology evolves.

Results of workplace discrimination survey released

Discrimination in the workplace is far more common in New York and around the country than it is in Europe according to a recent survey from Glassdoor. The review website polled workers from the United States, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and the results suggest that discrimination in the workplace based on race, gender, age or sexual orientation is more prevalent where English is the primary language. More than 6 out of 10 of the American workers surveyed and over half of the British workers polled said that they had witnessed or experienced workplace discrimination. In France and Germany, the figures fell to 43% and 37%, respectively.

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