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Employment discrimination and mental health

According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, almost 20 percent of adults in New York and the rest of the country exhibit some type of mental illness in any given year. This means that 43.8 million adults in America suffer from PTSD, anxiety, depression or more.

Lawsuit filed against Walmart for pregnancy discrimination

People in New York who work at Walmart might be aware that on Sept. 21, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed a lawsuit against the company alleging that it would not make accommodations for a pregnant worker and that this violated the law. The lawsuit is in connection with a Walmart warehouse in Wisconsin where several pregnant women said they were not permitted to participate in a program that allowed lighter duties for some workers.

How to report age discrimination at work

Since 1990, men have filed more than twice as many age discrimination complaints to the EEOC as women. However, since 2010, women in New York and throughout the country have filed more age discrimination complaints on an annual basis. While there are various theories as to why this is the case, there are steps that workers can take if they believe they have been the victims of ageism.

ACLU is going after Facebook for permitting discriminatory ads

The American Civil Liberties Union is not happy with how Facebook permits its advertisers to structure ads for employment. In a complaint filed against the company, the ACLU claims the ads target prospective employees based on sex. Those in New York following the matter should take an interest in how the complaint is structured.

Visual cues and harassment in the workplace

For some employees, experiencing repeated glances, loaded looks and too much eye contact can make the workplace uncomfortable and even hostile. While these visual cues may seem insignificant to many people, human resource managers need to decide where to draw the line to make sure that people aren't harmed. According to some business researchers, this type of subtle discrimination can go unchecked in many companies in New York and other states throughout the nation.

EEOC serious about age discrimination

Age-based discrimination in the workplace was prohibited in New York and around the country when President Johnson signed the Age Discrimination in Employment Act into law in 1967, but research suggests that the landmark legislation has not done as much as lawmakers had hoped to address the problem. When the AARP polled 3,900 full and part-time workers aged 45 or older in June, approximately 60 percent of them told the advocacy group that they had either been the victim of age discrimination or witnessed a colleague being treated unfairly because of their age.

Uber settles gender and race discrimination case for $10 million

People in New York who need a ride might appreciate Uber, but hundreds of female and minority employees of the company disliked their lower pay. A class-action lawsuit filed in October 2017 against the ridesharing company has resulted in a $10 million settlement that will be divided among hundreds of employees and former employees.

Filtered ads give rise to employment discrimination claims

The Communications Workers of America has filed suit on behalf of several plaintiffs against Facebook, T-Mobile and a number of other large companies. The suit alleges that the defendant companies have engaged in prohibited employment discrimination by targeting employment ads at young workers. The final ruling of the case could have a major impact on age discrimination in New York.

Sex discrimination case produces $20.8 million for nurses

Registered nurses and midwives employed by the City of New York have won their sex discrimination case that began with a complaint from the New York State Nurses Association 10 years ago. City-employed nurses had been denied access to full retirement benefits at the age of 50 if they had worked for 25 years because their positions were not classified as physically taxing. Other city workers in male-dominated positions, like plumbers, exterminators or emergency medical technicians, had long enjoyed access to their pensions at age 50 because their jobs had the physically taxing label. Nurses generally had to work until 55 or 57 to earn full retirement benefits.

Uber facing questions regarding workplace policies

Many people in New York use Uber or similar services to get to work or school. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is under investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for gender discrimination related to its hiring practices and pay policies. Uber says that it has taken steps to make sure that everyone is treated equally.

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