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Sex discrimination case produces $20.8 million for nurses

Registered nurses and midwives employed by the City of New York have won their sex discrimination case that began with a complaint from the New York State Nurses Association 10 years ago. City-employed nurses had been denied access to full retirement benefits at the age of 50 if they had worked for 25 years because their positions were not classified as physically taxing. Other city workers in male-dominated positions, like plumbers, exterminators or emergency medical technicians, had long enjoyed access to their pensions at age 50 because their jobs had the physically taxing label. Nurses generally had to work until 55 or 57 to earn full retirement benefits.

Uber facing questions regarding workplace policies

Many people in New York use Uber or similar services to get to work or school. According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is under investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for gender discrimination related to its hiring practices and pay policies. Uber says that it has taken steps to make sure that everyone is treated equally.

Pregnant employees still facing workplace discrimination

While many New York residents may believe that pregnancy in the workplace is no longer an issue for many expecting workers, pregnancy discrimination still often occurs in workplaces across the nation. In fact, some of the largest companies and corporations systematically discriminate against pregnant employees by refusing pay increases, passing them over for promotions or even terminating them.

How to combat bullying at work

Those who have bullied at work have several options for how they want to handle the situation. In some cases, a New York worker may choose to just ignore the situation and hope that a harasser stops his or her behavior. However, if ignoring the situation doesn't work, it is important to know how to take action. As a general rule, someone who feels unsafe at work will want to discuss the situation with the employer.

Court finds that experience ranges may be discriminatory

Age discrimination in the workplace is illegal under both the state laws of New York and federal law. Despite these laws, age discrimination continues to be a pervasive problem. People who are older than age 40 regularly experience discrimination because of their age.

Two women take on telecom giant for pregnancy discrimination

Women in New York and throughout the U.S. are challenging pregnancy discrimination practices of their employers. Two AT&T employees have filed a lawsuit against the major telecom alleging pregnancy discrimination. Due to attendance policies, the two employees were reprimanded and subsequently fired for missing work.

Disability represents major source of workplace discrimination

People with disabilities in New York frequently face difficulties landing a job. The rate of unemployment among people with disabilities reaches as high as 70 percent. Among those with jobs, their pay on average falls below their co-workers. Full-time workers with disabilities earn about $1,000 less every month than their able-bodied colleagues.

Media investigations reveal stories of age discrimination at IBM

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act is meant to protect workers in New York from workplace discrimination because of their age. Companies can employ tactics, however, that appear to result in age discrimination. Investigations of IBM by ProPublica and Mother Jones have revealed that approximately 60 percent of job cuts by the company involved people over age 40. This reflected the job losses of about 20,000 people during a five-year period.

Why suing an employer can be difficult

Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act forbids most employers in New York from treating workers differently based on their gender, race or national origin. However, some companies still find ways to violate Title VII, and it's often difficult to file a lawsuit for discrimination. For instance, the time it takes to resolve such a case could mean delayed justice for a worker.

Court backs transgender worker's discrimination charges

LGBTQ employees in New York may want to know more about the latest developments in federal circuit courts regarding cases involving workplace discrimination. Recent rulings and appeals have indicated that employers cannot discriminate based on sexual orientation and gender identity. In one ruling, the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found in favor of a transgender employee who was terminated after she revealed to her employer that she was transitioning.

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